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Welcome to DDS Chemicals

The Goan leaders in Manufacturer & Supplier Housekeeping products since 2011

Today, with presence in 50 cities and towns, servicing 100 customers in over 700 customer locations, DDS Chemicals is one of Goa’s leading house keeping products Manufacturer & Supplier in terms of scale, reach, customer profile, area under maintenance, employee strength etc.

In 2011, DDS Chemicals was established in Goa. We Supply the various items like Liquid, Phenyl, Hand wash, Glass cleaner,Room freshener,Toilet cleaner, floor cleaner,Black Phenyl, Llikhzol Etc.

The DDS Chemicals ethos is centered on constant enhancement of the service offering, people eccentricity by encouraging internal growth and strong adherence to compliance all while focusing on increased reach and scale.

What we do

House keeping Products Manufacturer & Supplier

1 liter Bottle 5,10,20,50 Liters cane
Pine Phenol

1 liter Bottle 5,10,20,50 Liters cane

Room Freshener
1 liters Bottle 5,10,20, Liters cane
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