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DDS Chemicals

Manufacturer & Supplier of House Keeping Products

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Everyone wants to be a part of HIS Grace. That is the reason why Housekeeping sector is on the boom. We have developed a few highly innovative cleaning products exclusively for Housekeeping Sector. Our constant research indicates that our formulae are unique and offer significant advantages over all available similar and competitive products. We also sell other brands at a much competitive price on bulk. We are also supplying to factories, Hotels , Canteens, Resorts,Health centers ,caterers & House Keeping contractors.

Above are some of our customers, who have found our services satisfactory and rates competitive.

Our main attractions are the rates and timely delivery. We are open for yearly rate contracts.

Our main products are phenol, floor cleaners, hand-wash, liquid soaps, utensil cleaners, liquid bleach, mops, brushes, wipes, etc. We also have dependable products which substitutes No.1 brands in cleaning in a very competitive rate. Our responsibility lies not only in selling the products but also after delivery and also till the product is utilized.

We are professional house keeping manufacturer & supplier in your town.

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